About us

My interest in Tibetan breeds started when I was a little girl. We had a couple of Borzois back then. Their elegance and noble character impressed me so much that I wish I could own someday a sighthound again. My mother found this very smart mixed breed dog outside of the buss terminal. “Ransu”, as he was called, reminded a lot of Tibetan Terrier. My mother started to find out more about the breed.

In 1983 we got our first TT Ch. Karamain Kirasheeba. She got two litters and two Champion offsprings. Unfortunately Kira turned out to be PRA-carrier.
Our second TT was Ch. Karamain Yarmila. She was a true stubborn tibbie girl and she will always be one of my favourite TT´s ever. She gave her name for the prefix Yarmilan. I would like to breed as typical lhasas as she was a TT.

As much as I love Tibetan Terriers, I do prefer a bit less action and a bit smaller dogs. That´s why lhasas are perfect, the same big attitude but in a smaller package!

Our first  Lhasa apso came to us from Germany in 2004. I had been breeding one Chinese crested litter and a couple of Miniature Poodle litters under my mothers Ge-La´s prefix. But my love for Lhasa apsos made me start things properly from the scratch and I got Yarmilan prefix in 2006.

I´m living in the swedish-speaking West Coast of Finland with my husband Tommy and our two sons. We don´t keep many dogs at home. Our dogs are living as beloved pets.

Our team in dog breeding / showing includes my sisters Petra Meskus, Paula Heikkinen (Lövskär’s TT’s) and mother Angela Hietala (Ge-La’s TT’s) and we together we share some dogs. Also many owners of our puppies are part in the teamwork.
Thank you all, it’s so much fun to share all of this with you guys <3

Feel free to browse around and e-mail me at yarmilan@gmail.com if you want to learn more about our dogs!

You can find all the pedigrees and info about our litters on the Finnish DogNet

Yarmilan kennel
Mrs Pia Forsman
e-mail yarmilan@gmail.com
Pietarsaari (Jakobstad), Finland