Welcome 2020

When I read the blog post from the end of 2018 and hopes for year 2019, I have to admit that it did not go as planned. Quite few things usually does go right as planned so you have to improvise. We didn’t show so many times and had only one litter of 2 puppies.  But they were really special little boys <3
Once again I was quite busy at work almost the whole year, so there wasn’t so much time for doggy hobbies. And poor Ebba (lhasa girl Y. Ebba Brahe) got again symptoms of pyometra, so this time she was spayed at once. Also her coat had to be cut down as her hormones had made her drop most of it anyways.

We were very happy to get a new puppy from Denmark, a lovely Tibetan Spaniel girl Ariel, aka Sommerlyst’s Vasuhara Sema.  Ariel is such a sweet girl and has made herself at home at once. Her best friends are our Ebba and our other TS Elsa, who lives with my mother. We are very grateful for Ariel’s breeder Ragnhild Primdal for the opportunity to get this beautiful little Danish mermaid.

Enough about last year and time to move on. Hopefully this year we can start showing some more and will get some puppies too. We are planning puppies later this year for our black beauty Ch. Vixie Viki Dar Tibetu and if health tests are fine, also for b&w particolor Taivaskatseen Ballaadin Bianca and our TS Hoswin Felicia. Some of the litters will be postponed to early 2021 depending how he seasons will start.

I have been invited to speak in the first official Lhasa Apso congress in Germany on May 2020. It will be very interesting event and I’m very honored to be invited. I will be focusing on the origins of the breed and why Lhasa Apso has been evolved to be the wonderful dog that it is today.
This invitation has given me more inspiration for sharing my knowledge and experience as a dog breeder. This will be done by blog posts and articles in the breed magazines.
My first litter was born 2001 and since then I have been quite active on educating myself on different aspects of dog breeding such as genetics, dog anatomy, discussions and learning from more experienced breeders.

So, Welcome year 2020! I hope we will have many wonderful moments, joy and fun!


Pia Forsman