I have to say I had a nice weekend! The winter has been very long and now finally the temperature don’t drop under the freezing point at nights. The sun has been warming for quite long time but the snow hasn’t melted because of the cold at nights. Now two nights have been warmer and the snow has melted so much! Unfortunately we still have quite a lot and it takes time before the garden has dried out.

On Saturday we had our local international dog show. We had nice time, saw many good friends and nice dogs. I had entered only one lhasa apso and one tibetan terrier. Our little TT lady got very good in junior class with nice critics from the breed specialist judge Eeva Resko. Our grand old lhasa lady was BOB veteran under breeder judge Jasna Matejcic.

Today Sunday has been a nice day. Sun has been shining and it’s been warm. The TT puppies are already so big they had to move downstairs to livingroom. They were very excited and likes all. The attention. Mother Lovisa took it very well too. She also likes it better when they are where the action is. She does take good care of the puppies but isn’t so protective anymore. I just love the puppies more and more everyday. Right now it looks like only two of them would get a blue eye. Their father has one and I was afraid in the worst case they could all have blue eyes.

We also took with my son a lhasa puppy to our citycentre for a walk with. It was his first time on the leash and he was just a natural talent. He moved so beautifully charming everyone around. It’s always nice when you get to socialize the puppies and even more if I can do it with kids.

And before the noon I had a phone call from a very happy sister. Her beautiful bedlington terrier had won Best of breed with CAC and CACIB! Slioorin breeders group had also been BOB breeders group. I’m so happy for the whole team 🙂 that made my day.

After a nice sunny Sunday it’s good to start a neew week, have a nice week everyone 🙂