I’m so sorry the updates on our homepages are dragging behind and the blog hasn’t been active at all! But now we are changing that and become more active. I will post some nice show results but first I want to introduce some of our future hopes! We have had Lhasa Apso puppies over the winter and now they are 5 1/2 months old.

Yarmilan Man With No Eyes

Here is Domino. His formal name is Yarmilan Man With No Eyes. Domino is a happy outgoing lhasa puppy. He is the first homebred particolor who has stayed home. We have already started to train for dog shows. He is a natural talent, having his head high and showing off his wonderful movement.

Yarmilan Stained Glass Heart

Here is Doris, the only girl in the litter. Her formal name is Yarmilan Stained Glass Heart. She is living with Petra and she is very lively little thing! No one keeps up with her when she is running around, she’s a wild child.

These two and their two brothers will start their show career later this year. It will be so much fun to show these puppies!