News from Yarmilan kennel Spring 2023

Our website has been a bit dormant for a while now, with no updates. The reason for this has been that I have been studying for a degree in bachelor of business administration alongside my work and everyday life as a dog breeder is pretty hectic anyway.

However, now my studies are in the final stages and my thesis is strongly related to the website of Yarmila kennel. Quite soon, a new online shop will be opened on the site, selling nice Lhasa Apso themed products and soon also with themes of other breeds. This has been a dream of mine for a long time, but now I finally have a good enough reason to realise it as a thesis.

The work of updating the website, introducing new dogs and adding blog posts is also beginning shortly. Unfortunately, we have no news about puppies at this stage except that we are planning a Tibetan Spaniel litter for early autumn and a lhasa apso litter possibly for next winter depending on health results.

After the pandemic we have been moderately attending dog shows and we will continue to do so at least until the autumn. However, there are a few shows planned, so if we happen to be at the same show, come and say hello! So please check back soon to see what’s going on.