Sofi had her health checks

Taking care of our furry friends is extremely important, especially when it comes to detecting and preventing any health issues that they may be prone to. As a breeder, I want to be sure to use only healthy specimen to breeding. One way to do this is by taking them to health checks, and that’s why I took our Tibetan Spaniel Sofi aka Betsy Been Fiesta for Yarmilan for a check-up.

The health check included tests for eyes, patellas, HD, elbows, and spine, and we also took a MydogDNA sample. The good news is that our dog’s eyes were found to be in great condition. Next, they checked the patellas, which refers to the kneecap of our furry friends. This is important as some dogs are prone to kneecap dislocation. The results came out to 0/0, meaning no signs of patella dislocation were found.

The results for HD, elbows, and spine have to be sent to the Finnish Kennel Club to receive the official results. It is important to get these tests done, as shortlegged breeds may be predisposed to hip or elbow dysplasia, or other spinal issues.

We also took a MydogDNA sample, which is a genetic test that checks for over 250 different genetic mutations, including those that may affect the dog’s health or behavior.

After we have got the final results from the health checks and if the results are good, we will announce our breeding plans for Sofi. Keep your fingers crossed!

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