CIB Nord FI&SE&NO&CZ&CMKU< Ch. Yarmilan Murphy's Irish Red



We had already given up on hope for getting any puppies out of our biggest Lhasa queen at the time, CIB Multi Ch. Yarmilan Yo-Ba Kamala aka “Sarah”. At the time we also had the handsome black Ch. Yarmilan Dropkick Murphy visiting us. I thought what the heck, we will try this absolutely last time. Both of them were living with Petra and the puppies would be born at her home also.
There was only one puppy in this litter and like my mother said. Of course it’s a boy. And a golden sable one. Not that we wouldn’t like lhasa apso boys or golden sables, but we seem to get so many boys all the time and not so many girls 😀 And a combination like this could have given almost all the possible colors of the world but still it had to be the most popular color, golden sable.

But still, it was clear from the beginning that Ronny was nothing plain or usual. He finished his titles by storm and was placed in groups several times. When Ronny was moving in the showring, he was noted at once. He has such a ground-covering and stylish movement. He also has a wonderful strong masculine head with wonderful expression, nice proportions and angulations. Although he is quite sturdy, he is not too tall at all, about 26,5 cm.
On the picture below you can see a bit better how he looks under the coat. Here handled by young Kiira Luokkala.

Ronny had only one litter with us and two other litters, one at Taivaskatseen kennel and one at Dar Tibetu kennel where he was visiting for a while. He has CAC-winners in his every litter and I’m very confident that most of them will finish.

 The mother of our “Ronny-puppies” is our US import Kai-La-Sha Sweet Salsa. Tiny Salsa got 7 puppies, 2 boys and 5 girls. One of the girls is living with us, Yarmilan Ebba Brahe. One moved to Belgium to kennel Dolma Mani’s, owner Monique Carlier.

Now Ronny is retired even though he is not very old. But he is happy and for us it’s more important that all of our dogs get to live as pet life. We will always miss him!



Some of Ronny’s relatives (click on the picture to get it bigger)

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