Our loooong break from dog shows was finally over at Lahti international dog show 22.3.2015. We had 5 hours drive one way and drove back the same day. It was so much fun to show our dogs again! First in the ring was Poodle princess Pilvi (witch means “Cloud” in Finnish), formerly Coverdale’s Timbleweed. She ended up 4th best bitch with res-CAC! Pilvi took also part in the Coverdale’s breeders group witch was BOB-breeders group! Unfortunately we couldn’t stay for the group finals, I’m very sorry for that!
In Lhasas the queen Sarah aka CIB Multi Ch. Yarmilan Yo-Ba Kamala made her debut in the veteran classes and ended up 4th best bitch and finally BOS-veteran.

Thank you all for a wonderful day at the show!

Yarmilan Yo-Ba Kamala

This veteran lady should behave 😀

Coverdale's Timbleweed Coverdale's breeders group Yarmilan Yo-Ba Kamala Yarmilan Yo-Ba Kamala