Before Christmas I visited The famous Kai-La-Sha breeder Catherine Marley. She had moved to North Carolina. I took our Fred (CIB multi Ch. Kai-La-Sha Fire Power) there for a bit longer visit. The trip there started with a disaster after another, you can read more about my adventure on my personal blog at But we made it finally safe and sound to Cathy’s beautiful house.

I remember the first time I visited Cathy’s when she lived in New Jersey. I don’t think I had ever seen so many high quality lhasas. I really learned a lot on that trip. Lucky we got to buy Fred. He has given us so many beautiful puppies.
This time I was as blown away about the quality of lhasas as last time. I have to especially name one puppy boy who has to be the best purebred dog of all breeds I have ever seen. Really looking forward to seeing him when he has grown up a bit. His call name is Clark Kent 🙂


I got a little souvenir I would have to take home after few weeks. It’s a sister to Clark. Can’t wait to have her home!