Late Sunday night our puppies were finally born. Miina the mother sure had big belly but not that big that I would have expected six puppies. I thought we’d have maybe four but was already preparing myself to the fact we could have only three. But the labour started and the puppies kept coming. First one was a black & white particolor boy. Next we got a smaller red boy and after that a more grey sable boy.
In that stage I thought we had enough boys and it would be a time for a girl. Maybe a black or black & white one. Oh yes, the next one was sure black & white. But a boy too 😀 followed by a golden sable boy. I had a feeling Miina would have one more puppy and I was very happy to see it was a girl, golden sable.
What great litter of puppies! They have very beautiful heads and underjaws. Great pigments, strong necks and limbs. They are all very vital. Miina handled everything perfectly. Just like her mother did, and her grandmother. She takes good care of her puppies and I can just watch the perfect little family.

I hope everything goes as well as this far and can’t wait to see the puppies grow.