I was chosen to the breeders committees of both the Finnish Lhasa Apso Club and the Finnish Tibetan Terrier Club. The Tibetan Terrier Club breeders committee had it’s first meeting at the same time as their national speciality show. It was nice when the older members made us new ones feel welcome. I hope my experience is somehow useful and I can share it with other breeders.

But I will write you all about our trip. I drove down towards Vaasa and took another TT breeder, Johanna Jussila, kennel Bantam Shepherd’s, with me. We drove together to Helsinki and visited our breeder friend Elisa Nevalainen, kennel Nyyppiksen. She has puppies at the moment. They are sired by the handsome Tibetan boy Sengge.
The puppies were fantastic, had absolutely beautiful heads, nice sturdy bodies, good proportions and angulations everything topped with great characters. Elisa sure can be proud of that litter.

We stayed over the night at a hotel near by. It wasn’t flashy or anything, but nice, clean and functional rooms and easy to walk the dogs. And the price was right. That is not usual in Helsinki region.
After a walk with dogs it was time to bathe the little junior girl. She was bathed with Pet Silk Moisturising Shampoo and Conditioner. I had never used those for her but I thought they might give her coat even more shine. And it worked very well. She looked great after drying. I was looking forward showing her the next day.

The next morning after taking dogs for a walk and nice hotel breakfast we took off to the showground. Before the show we had the breeders committee meeting and got that over before the puppies were judged. 73 Tibetan Terriers were entered and that meant we had to wait quite a while before it was our turn. Josephines sister Sunny (Y. Summers At Lövskär) was also entered and it was nice to see her again. She has become a very smart little girl.

There were 8 junior bitches and my girls were again the last ones in line. Josephine (Y. Back To Lövskär) got excellent and ended up 4th. She got great critics but the judge thought her movement was still a bit puppy-like. They did turn 9 months the week before so it’s no wonder 😀
Sunny was looking great handled by Johanna this time. I just love the feeling when you see your own breeding moving and looking just gorgeus! Sunny truly is very impressive with her stunning deep golden sable colour and white collar. She got Very Good with nice critics too.

It was so nice to see many friends again. Nice change for showing only lhasas for so long. The trip left me very warm feelings and I look forward to our next show with Tibetan Terriers.

Thanks Johanna again for everything. The six hour drive felt like 20 minutes when we had so much to discuss. And when we drove home we witnessed amazing Nordic Lights dancing on the sky. That was like the icing of the cake for our trip 🙂