As I have been late on updating the show news, I will publish some highlights of Ronny’s aka Yarmilan Murphy’s Irish Red show results of this year.

  • Ronny turned 15 months in late March and from the first possible show in Lahti IDS he won his first CACIB & CAC and ended up BOS
  • In Piteå, Sweden nationall all breed show he won CAC & BOS over the champions!
  • Tromsö, Norway IDS Ronny took the longest straw and ended up BOB with CAC & CACIB. Later he crowned our wonderful trip with outstanding views with Group 4 placement!
  • Ylivieska IDS he took another BOB with CAC & CACIB

This means that he is well on his way to CIB Nordic FI & SE & NO Ch, he just needs to turn 2 years to be able to finish the national titles and 1 year to pass from his first CACIB to be able to finish his CIB. Needless to say how proud and happy we are for this gorgeous golden (sable) boy <3

Ronny is Co-owned and Co-bred with Petra.